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The short story:


Itty Bitty Bella is about clean products. That means we use clean organic cottonno pesticides or hard-to-pronounce chemicals. We print our clothing with safe water-based inks. All products offered on our site are sourced from vendors who also value our standard of clean organic. The end.


The not as short story:


It was during one of our late-night brainstorming sessions that we decided to stop thinking. Thinking and idea generation have been an important creative outlet for us for a long time. We think about how we'd do it if we were in charge. We think about how we'd make stuff better. We think about creating something wonderful to sell. And our problem was that all we did was think. There's not enough time in one's short life to only think. At some point you need to do. So do we did.


Itty Bitty Bella started as some fun ideas to go on little bodysuits. Our ideas turned into thoughts about how the clothing should be made. We did some research into organic cotton. It wasn't long before our eyes were opened to a beautiful new world of earth-friendly products and practices. The clothes we sell should be clean all aroundespecially for the itty bitty ones.


Did you know that the label on conventional petroleum inks warns that pregnant women should not come within a certain amount of feet of the wet ink? This idea really hit home to us when we spoke with one of our print vendors. He told us that he used to print with petroleum inks until his son started working with him. Because of the risks, he now only uses water-based inks. They are cleaner to use and better for the environment. Water-based inks are better for cleaning up after a print job too (our printer now uses soy-based solvents rather than the harsh chemical solvents he used previously.)


It is important for us that our company be environmentally responsible even down to the packaging in which we ship our products. Our paper tags and packaging is 100% recycled or has a high post-consumer recycled content. While we don't claim to be perfect, we hope to be making better choices for you, for us and for Mama Earth. We only sell what we want to dress our little ones in and products we want on our own skin and in our own bodies.


Itty Bitty Bella is based in the greater Boston area. Itty Bitty Bella is the fun collaboration of three parents: a graphic designer, photographer and artist.


An itty bitty bit more on organic cotton:


• Our organic cotton gets even softer with every wash.

• Organic cotton doesn't use the approximately 6 pounds of pesticides per acre that conventional cotton uses.

• Organic cotton is more durable than conventional cotton.




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