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Plum Island Baby Oil

A blend of pure olive oil with lavender essential oil and vitamin E. Gentle and soothing, this is perfect oil for infant massage and moisturizing baby's tender skin after a bath. 4 oz. bottle.


It was fun to meet Michele Diodati-Ulchak, owner of The Plum Island Soap Co. We were impressed that she started her company out of a desire to stay home with her baby. From her passion of creating only the purest products, she has created some amazing stuff. We use Plum Island Products on our little one and swear he started smiling earlier than normal.

All of Plum Island Soap Co. products are created on beautiful Plum Island, Massachusetts, a small barrier island on the northern seacoast. Made with the finest natural ingredients and scented with pure lavender essential oil imported from France. Plum Island baby care products are a gentle, effective, all natural alternative to care for your baby's delicate skin.