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Itty Bitty Bella Signature Box

Letters and packages seem to be a lost art. With the ease of sending an email, our modern world has lost the the tactile joy of receiving a letter or package in the mail. You've made a tasteful choice by choosing Itty Bitty Bella. Now make their gift even more appealing by sending it in our signature gift box.

We're all for re-use and recycling. This box is definitely not going in the trash. The receiver of your gift (maybe it's you!) can re-use the box for photos, cards or any number of other uses. Nice. The box is constructed from sturdy recycled kraft and features a metal tag holder displaying the Itty Bitty Bella logo.

Add a hand-written note on the included Itty Bitty Bella card. Just type in your personalized message in the comment section below (keep it brief Shakespeare—around 30 words or less). We'll hand write your note and include it with the gift.